A Story Worth Reading !

1. Though it rarely happens: one of my employers paid me in full when I asked for only an advance. The student is going to take a leave for about one month. Her behaviour has been strange but I can understand. I bought an earphone worth fifty rupees from a shop I used to buy … More A Story Worth Reading !


1. The title means : I received first, fourth, sixth, second, seventh and fourth ranks in the vocabulary jams I played on vocabulary.com after my bowling practice. Some games had as many as ninety players and most of them had forty to seventy players on an average. My reaction time is not as good as … More 146274


1. I bowled a total of sixty balls over ten overs in the evening session with the new Mark signature tennis ball. (QRF—<1 Goal Unit) 2. It was the last conversation with Piyush before he goes on a journey to Delhi. After the unlock we have been spending time in stadium. We discussed philosophy and … More Updates

Sudarshan Paliwal!

1. I can’t follow your blog at present. Thanks for your presence and enthusiasm. It was after a long time spent on WordPress and Blogger : I realized that ‘a like for a like’ and ‘a follow for a follow’ takes too much toll on you in the long run. The blogging relationship remains ‘skin … More Sudarshan Paliwal!

A Nice Evening!

1. A sandwich on shop. 2. Decorations only remind me of: how poor I am. They do look lavish. I asked myself why: the answer was: I was born among very poor people and it hasn’t changed since eons. Why this clan had no merits is akin to asking: why I didn’t have merits. Original … More A Nice Evening!

No Miracles Today!

1. Best of five: top spot in the four jams. Forty active players on an average. 2. Bhagvata Purana confirms what I knew all along. And yet I wonder. 3. Piyush again felt good to discuss about our dream and waking states. 4. I wanted to tell Suyash about Rishabhdeva. Since Rishabh means ‘Shreshtha’ or … More No Miracles Today!

Morning Running!

1. 30 balls. 2. Class in morning was an assignment where I did very well. 3. The burst of tyre of tractor. 4. Discussion about miscellaneous topics in library. 5. Kapil defines life and death in the third canto of Bhagvata thusly: When the causal body is not working in sync with the gross body: … More Morning Running!