No Miracles Today!

1. Best of five: top spot in the four jams. Forty active players on an average.

2. Bhagvata Purana confirms what I knew all along. And yet I wonder.

3. Piyush again felt good to discuss about our dream and waking states.

Yashraj : if he objects I would delete the image. I intended to capture only the Sun. This is all the photoshop I know. Usually i stay out of controversy.

4. I wanted to tell Suyash about Rishabhdeva. Since Rishabh means ‘Shreshtha’ or ‘Arya’: he was born as an Arya and gained Kaivalya or Arhata via Avadhoot path. Similar to Dattatreya.

5. I could only bowl a total of 100 balls today. I had stuffed my body with food. I needed more sleep : the time spent in the library on discussion about the things we all already knew.

6. Ancient empty street is too dead for dreaming: Bob Dylan. The YouTube version I used to hear: had a better voice than Dylan’s. That’s how I want to keep the song in my memory: something that gave me inspiration during darkest of my hours. A Nobel prize winner who committed suicide has an eaten up soul. Words come from somewhere else. Is this the street Vallalar was exalting. It can’t be. I hope.

7. Couldn’t play as much of Free Rice. Didn’t do the dishes. Means washing more of them tomorrow. The AI keeps asking what am I looking for tomorrow: I am looking for three hundred rupees payment by Shailendra. Only hope for survival in this fiercely competitive universe.

8. I counted more than hundred Chepla birds going towards the Northwest. It’s rare. I want to learn more about the bird but to google I need an English name. I don’t know any ornithologist. This bird is the twilight zone bird for me. Stadium has been open for about forty days. Police might be back after elections are over : it has been a pattern.

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