Followers of New Religion!

1. When Sun goes South: the West is right. That which came later is right. Tradition is wrong. When Sun goes South- compass points to traditional but you don’t need it. When Sun goes South– you are righteous. 2. There were 13 dogs. I had just crossed Maharshi Pranavananda Vedic Research Institute’s gate when I … More Followers of New Religion!


1. I bowled a total of sixty balls over ten overs in the evening session with the new Mark signature tennis ball. (QRF—<1 Goal Unit) 2. It was the last conversation with Piyush before he goes on a journey to Delhi. After the unlock we have been spending time in stadium. We discussed philosophy and … More Updates

No Miracles Today!

1. Best of five: top spot in the four jams. Forty active players on an average. 2. Bhagvata Purana confirms what I knew all along. And yet I wonder. 3. Piyush again felt good to discuss about our dream and waking states. 4. I wanted to tell Suyash about Rishabhdeva. Since Rishabh means ‘Shreshtha’ or … More No Miracles Today!