Three Chepla Birds!

1. I bowled 120 balls today. I had a plate of waterballs from Mahajana Chaat Bhandaar. The discussion he was taking part in had something to do with his son : it had a twelve hours shift and it seemed like a moral discussion. Usually it’s crowded on his shop : I thought of eating water balls and it was vacant: he asked if I needed to have those dry. I said yes. They were crunchy and I was hungry. As I started walking afterwards-couple of boys were talking about 12 overs and eight overs. Come to think of it: while this day was a success: I have a headache right now. I saw that old water pot which is called ‘matka’ in Hindi( as a verb it means ‘to dance’ and it’s used with Kamar or waist). Symbolic interpretation: Aquarius broken and Pisces beginning. It indicates : Age of Pisces. I saw three Chepla birds: they were the birds I witnessed near Delhi Public School in my longest walks. Automatic photographic memory. The guy from Bijawar who was playing the ball with me told: it is found in abandoned places. I consider it to be a Twilight Zone bird. A bird related to end of times. The room where I take the morning class has an aquarium. The uncle of the kid who teaches dance in his academy had separated a few fishes from rest of them. This whole paragraph has series of events around number twelve or three or Pisces.

2. Prashant Khare was calm today. When I used to wander the streets and spend time in the stadium in Summers in the year 2018: he was one of the homeless people who had a unique presence. He was somehow projecting his presence from a long distance. It didn’t happen with others. Politicians and others were infamous and used banners or goons as promoters. His presence was unique and once I offered him a tea with biscuits in a shop outside the stadium. He was detached. Strangers like him are rare. Dhaniram is one of them. Prashant was working for a chicken shop before but now he’s working for a tea shop.

3. Dhaniram was drawing circles with a piece of red brick. I have not seen a better showman or madman around this city in the last three years. Madmen there are many. Charlatans there are many. People working in theater are many. What makes him unique? I don’t know. Today: couple of people asked me the address of civil line: they had come from Ishanagar. The first time I went to visit the Shiva Temple in Ishanagar: it was difficult. Returning: I saw the old hawker of Navabharat and then Dhaniram who knew that I had been on a journey. He knew the moment I spoke to him. A juice seller told me: “he had accidentally demolished some monument devoted to a deity and since then he went mad.” I really don’t know more than that. He likes to dress well and changes garbs as per seasons. Adept he’s : but whether he belongs to the Truth realm universe or if he’s related to saint Sharir is a mystery yet. Where does he keep his clothes? I can’t follow him for long: it would certainly violate some boundaries: especially as I don’t have enough food or energy to spare in the research.

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