1. The title means : I received first, fourth, sixth, second, seventh and fourth ranks in the vocabulary jams I played on vocabulary.com after my bowling practice. Some games had as many as ninety players and most of them had forty to seventy players on an average. My reaction time is not as good as it should be, still, being in the top five on an average means I am doing better than most. Accuracy can be improved at the cost of reaction time. To maintain both needs constant practice. I have limited time to do that. When I was in dire need of smartphone I could not practice. Now I need to toil to get internet recharge vouchers. It’s what it’s.

2. A total of 130 balls today. It’s more than twenty one overs. The bunch of kids did this:

They came together: one of them called another bald. Then the third one slapped the one who did that. It was as soon as I looked at him with wonder. Who are these people, where do they come from? (Arshad Warsi, Jolly LLB, the dialogue was repeated ad nauseum when movie was to be released on some TV channel)

They were kids in sixth or seventh class mostly. What is the difference between mockery done by elders and them?

In case of elders: a guy who has gray hairs will be called names by another without shame. It’s directed at the person who is being made fun of: so that there remains no logical error. It takes plenty of effort, jealousy, hatred and guts. But it’s a regular business for some people. Byaj Ninda or Byaj Stuti is the format name given to such devices in Hindi literature.

I have also come across some naive people who mocked me without having sound logical foundation. It was happening in the group Gaslight phase. It worked until you were watching. As soon as you looked at them: their logical fallacy was caught and they were suspended in embarrassment.

Fake problems like diseases: Corona and AIDS. Police and shamans working hand in hand with priests to subdue independent individuals is the worst form of nightmare you can see. Municipal corporation walls being dirtiest. All gutka shakers uniting to protect some weird wicker men Dharma.

I have shown you three levels of gaslighting. If children enjoy it: so do elders. It’s all about numbers. My demeanor changes when I walk with four people. When I am alone: I am most real. The other might be hell as per Sartre or Da Vinci or illusion as per vedantins or your own mind’s production as per Samkhya or Yoga tradition; you do need a way to behave with others. Call it a strategy or call it civility or religion. It’s what makes history of mankind.

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