1. I feel lazy. Lazy people can afford to be lazy. I spent some time editing the previous article’s typos. Weather is pleasant once again. I bowled ten overs. It’s the latest version of bowling practice:

A. If the spot is empty: begin practice.

B. Choose a spot where ball has least probability of getting lost.

C. If others come to practice batting: politely refuse: they will neither care for ball getting lost nor pay you money if your ball is lost. You also need to run all over the place to collect the ball.

D. If they want you to help them practice with their ball: it’s fine: then you only get to burn energy and gain skill as well as cooperation.

E. The last ball I lost: it was a hard earned treasure. Some kids kept asking me to give it to them. Then: I chose a place which has a swimming pool just behind the pavilion with bushes and algae.

F. Saying ‘no’ is better than borrowing money from people to buy balls.

G. Watch and learn: don’t rely on promises made by boys or damsels: though they look attractive: most often they fail to fulfill. If you want to survive: you need the ball. Nothing better than it to bring the play online in focus. Then you need to protect it like a hard earned treasure.

H. Needless to say: if I had extra balls or money I would have given it to begging kids today or to those who were begging to get money. But: if I begin doing this: the question arises: who is genuine and who is merely hoarding balls at his or her house.

I. I saw a young girl leading the way on running track for her four or five siblings. It might be one of the most beautiful things I have seen. Yet: some kids looked malnutritioned. It’s a fact.

J. I saw “Neev-Shila” by Shri Shrinivas Shukla, M.A., L.L.B. of Chhatarpur in library today. I read some verses. The central pavilion has been named after him. The track where I practice was inaugurated by Digvijay Singh. The stadium is known as Baburam Chaturvedi Stadium. One entrance also had name of Swami Pranavananda engraved on it. History is written by conquerers: Modi is on mission Bengal. Let’s see who performs better over there. It would be as interesting as Trump’s mission in USA.

K. Rocky.

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