The Blue Bird!

1. It was 23 hours ago. The last post. I am sitting on the same spot. Am I? Herodotus is credited with the quote “you can’t bathe in the same river twice.” 2. Bowled 40 times. 11 hits. Good catching practice as well. There was no juice on juice shop and no poha stall. Two … More The Blue Bird!

Der Name Der Ball!

1. The future is Now. It’s what was written on the shirt of the kid who was born in Wales in his previous incarnation but now he was walking before me with a cautious gait. “Daring to live the future Now: ” It’s what the part of the tagline of the book “Walk Out Walk … More Der Name Der Ball!

Evening session!

1. 221622: six jams on Average rank: 2.5. 2. Jagjit Singh singing Mirza Ghalib’s ghazal. The exit from the garden of Eden happened first for the Satan, aka Lucifer, governor of mind. Demiurge. Yaldabaoth etcetera. Then it happened for children of God: the best of creation. The question is: what’s the difference? The difference … More Evening session!


1. I feel lazy. Lazy people can afford to be lazy. I spent some time editing the previous article’s typos. Weather is pleasant once again. I bowled ten overs. It’s the latest version of bowling practice: A. If the spot is empty: begin practice. B. Choose a spot where ball has least probability of getting … More Rocky!