A Nice Evening!

1. A sandwich on shop.

2. Decorations only remind me of: how poor I am. They do look lavish. I asked myself why: the answer was: I was born among very poor people and it hasn’t changed since eons. Why this clan had no merits is akin to asking: why I didn’t have merits. Original sin: fall from Grace. Sikhism, despite being a religion born in India is similar to Islam, Christianity, Judaism : it follows the book. Islam is similar to Shaiva Siddhanta. Nayanmars were a group of messengers with Vallalar being final. Prophet Muhammad was final as per Islam. Hinduism and Buddhism say that countless messengers keep coming and they can have any name and station.

3. A conversation on aging, immortality and reality with Piyush after I had finished ninety balls. That’s fifteen overs. I couldn’t rest in the noon as I needed to scribble ideas for blog. Things are now almost as good as they were in the year two thousand and eight when I was waiting for job. Minus bronchitis. Minus illusions about family, friends, birth, death, aging, medicines etc. The word San which is used in Hindi for the year following Christ : means “penance” or “passion.” When will penance cease? When will Yaldabaoth disappear. I did see Chelpa birds. Somebody bursted a cracker which scared birds : after that a few boys came who were eating gutka: they rudely kept bowling for a while : they had nothing to share but energy did rich crown.

4. Vocabulary quiz: 52233. Not even once as a lead. No wonder. Decipher means code which cracks puzzle. Cipher is zilch. Void. To avoid the void you need to create meaning. Meaningful solving of puzzles takes you out of the fourth dimension. Same as scaling. Then you become a bigger black hole. Then you need more meaning. This is the folding and unfolding in which chit increases and hence the bliss increases proportionately.

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