1. I had half a litre of milk, one ten rupees bread packet, a bowl full of rice and daal in lunch. I had two rotis and a glass of milk in the morning after breathing exercises and a plate of poha before I entered inside the stadium. I could throw only three overs. A boy who had a bag on his back asked if I could give him the ball. I would have been left with nothing to play. Bob Dylan’s Tambourine Man plays on Spotify playlist. Another madman was projecting Murari Baapu while Narayan Sukta was playing: I was stopped by an old woman who wanted to confirm if she had approached the Chhatrasal’s Horse. She used these words in Bundelkhandi:

” Has Chhatrasal’s Horse arrived?”

“Keep walking straight,” I answered.

“But is it nearby?”

“Yes,” I said.

2. I read couple of stories by Rumi in library. They were translated by one Shandilya. I made a note.

Moses rebuked one devotee.

The unseen or alakh or adrishta told him on radio: “they’re the strange ones. I didn’t create this world to get service from them but to make them feel my power and debt. Let them speak as they please.”

Moses came out of the bushes and told the stranger whose clothes he had already burnt with his fire:” you can say as you please. “

3. The meeting with Shams e Tabriz: different accounts highlight Rumi’s master having command over either fire or water. The moment Rumi said to Tabrizi: ” This is the type of thing you know nothing about,” the books either caught fire or were dropped in the lake. They were recreated in one account and not recreated in another. The account I read today says that Rumi’s master was killed by his relatives because they suspected that he had done some magic which had made Rumi give up his old routine.

4. The Mongoose was spotted the moment I locked the library, hanged the key and began to walk. I kept observing it until it didn’t go away.

5. An army ‘water’ tank was parked outside the Post Office. It had “Factory Jabalpur” written on it. I had to make my students speak “Kaarkhana” and “Factory” multiple times. Despite being in the seventh standard she doesn’t know the meaning of either factory or Kaarkhana. I have to earn my bread but I am often concerned about how weak most of my students are when it comes to read and write. It seems as if they’re atleast two three standards behind. Her vocabulary is not enough to understand even fifth class Hindi books. I do what I can.

6. I had to sit on bench made by Jai Industries which is parked outside to the stadium: I took a nap listening to music. Most of the festivals are show off by communities who have hoarded money for long. People like us are accussed of stealing this or that: books, articles, trophy wives and so on: real hoardes remain behind the scene and the game continues. It’s a routine day for us. Even Sundays are workdays for us. For us there are no bank accounts, no subsidy, no free lunch, food or water, no welfare or community. Who are we and where did we come from and why?

7. I need some sleep before the next class. I am happy to have found a door opening in the Blogger’s World. Sometimes I wonder if Kristina Van Hoose was actually Pam Kirst herself: then you know: what happened? And if it was that Kristina of Automattic: it was a bigger conspiracy. Most forced and mean was entry of Visakha, Piyusha and Visakha’s stalker(where’s Nadine?): What did I really have to do with all that? Anyway: those who know : know that it was the most selfless hardwork I had ever done. Automattic didn’t say that the forum couldn’t be made into a chatting forum. Now : if it’s more active than it has been in the last four years: it gives me happiness. Pam. Oneta. Collate. Kristina. Nadine. Shine. Free spirit. Rashmi. Piyusha. Meg. Jose. And others who came together to create a space(like iambic pentameter poet who inspired thirteen words story,) for wandering souls. Growing up shouldn’t be boring or should it be optional. Passion meets creativity and becomes compassion. Emailing shouldn’t be an option either since we have telepathy. I began writing this note when it was thirteen five PM. I rest my case here. Happiness for all!

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