Which city do you live in? I asked her, She disappeared. Do you live in animosity? Any city that lets you open mou, Or in an open mic, Do you live in anime, Mayflower Mayfield flyover overture Field game gameplan plangent plantar, Which city do you live in my darling? Is it immunogenicity, Khaas car, … More Immunogenicity!


1. I had half a litre of milk, one ten rupees bread packet, a bowl full of rice and daal in lunch. I had two rotis and a glass of milk in the morning after breathing exercises and a plate of poha before I entered inside the stadium. I could throw only three overs. A … More Word!


Justice! Just ice, Very nice, Roll the dice, Play the role, Reach the goal, The hole, Play the word, Lay the cards, On table, Cable car, Carmine minecraft, Able stable, Rabble roused. Coal doused.

The Sleep|

The hubbub. The commotion. Another motion by Beelzebub. The uproar. lost in the fog of permafrost The thieves livened up their job. Bob obsolete Oblivion ionized Jedi with its coldness. Characterized by Sinister, otherworldly beings, Corruption of physical forms and a decent into madness. If you spin the spinner; a neta comes out of it. … More The Sleep|