Why do you carry a bag?

Compare two tablets made of stone. Both of them are present in the pavilion of this stadium. 1. 14.10.09: establishment created. 2. 19/02/14: establishment released for public use. 3. There’s a record of six people in the first stone whereas a record of eight people in the second. 4. Devnagari script in both. 5. The … More Why do you carry a bag?

Ratsasan and Whitewash!

1. I watched Ratsasan, a Tamil thriller today. This was on my watchlist for long. I usually don’t write about movies these days to avoid giving half-hearted reviews. I watched ‘Bottom of the World’ and Summer Wars recently. Also going to watch The Father in which Anthony Hopkins has performed. 2. Ratsasan or Rakshan stands … More Ratsasan and Whitewash!


1. What comes afterwards puzzles me. It’s a mystery. The infinity aspect of it is an assurance against boredom and it also confirms that loops which bore are essentially because of ignorance. 2. Ignorance and darkness seem like highest knowledge but there’s a difference. The enlightenment can’t be apprehended fully by human faculties of reason. … More Mysterious

Unconditional Love!

This date creates a numerical palindrome: 21022021. It adds up to 1. 1. The day began with a recommended tweet from someone who claimed to have launched satellites in Moon and Mars missions. Her GPA was 2.4 and she moulded herself to become a celebrity. I only moulded her tweet which had grammatical errors: perhaps, … More Unconditional Love!

The Day!

1. There are beautiful cotton clouds in the sky. 2. As I cleansed the rack before I sat to register books this noon, i decided to burn the garbage. The wife of the trustee came asking if I was burning new papers regularly. I told her they were old papers. While she’s adept at lying … More The Day!