A Day Well Spent!

1. Latest achievement on vocabulary.com: 2. In one of the jams I scored 10 points higher than PC. It rarely happens. I was the leader of the jam in that one. 3. Well, there’s no substitute to hardwork. My overall ranking has also improved a great deal. 4. My ID is 10. I invite you … More A Day Well Spent!

Productive Day!

1. Spent about 30 minutes helping and observing the irrigation system which has pipes, joints and sprinklers. Two motors of different power with one of them having an auto-cut makes sprinklers throw water off to 10-15 feet. 2. Prior to that had lunch. 3. Prior to that spent about twenty minutes sowing coriander seeds in … More Productive Day!

Bib and Bruises!

1. I began walking systematically again in 2019. I could run a bit last year. The performance is not bad from the viewpoint of that build-up personally for me. 2. Registered 13 titles in library. The bruises on feet are due to slippers alien to them. Also need to buy new slippers.

Areca Nuts!

1. It took 80 minutes to register 30 titles today. Came across letters by Osho to his patron mother. This book I brought here with a Urdu dictionary. They are in the third almirah clockwise. Udainiya ji and ATM slips mystery is buried in them. Also came across a treatise comparing Premchand with Gorky. By … More Areca Nuts!

Evening stories!

1. A bird on a banyan tree dropped a half eaten guava. Guava dropping down from banyan menu. Menu yakeen nai Honda. Hondacity cityride identity typical crisis. 2. Jaggery in January. Gerrymandering. The old man shows me a miracle woodapple. It’s small in size yet ripe. 3. It took us 27 minutes to complete turning … More Evening stories!

Log 0812021

1. Had carrot halwa with librarian and naturopath to celebrate the birthday of the naturopath. A four planet stellium in Sagittarius is the actual cause of his being fond of Osho who had a five planet stellium in it. A Virgo. Atmakaraka Saturn in Sagittarius. 2. Uprooted some carrot grass plants from field. The word … More Log 0812021

Conversations with the Moon!

Hello Moon, Good afternoon! Monsoon too soon, Perchoon perchance chanceon, Chancellor lord ordained dense marksmanshipwreckedemarcation Cation anion onion Ion on ion on and on Noisome meshuga gasconade bragbro Bromide Idempotentate tattletale telltale Ginger ale Germane mail Don’t ail, Anymore, It’s a chore now-a-days! Prompt: same as title by My Valiant Soul on instagram Image credit: … More Conversations with the Moon!