30 KM-M-L-20211254

1. The summary of scores on vocabulary.com jams in the last two days: (510, 480, 570,680,605,555,230,425,750,590,395,680,450,880,740) 2. The scores above are out of 1000 3. Ranks: ( 1,3,2,2,1,2,5,4,3,4,1,4,1,3,1) 4. Removed cobwebs from behind the portraits in library. 5. Returned money borrowed from someone for a new earphone yesterday evening. The marathon run message about getting … More 30 KM-M-L-20211254

The Blue Bird!

1. It was 23 hours ago. The last post. I am sitting on the same spot. Am I? Herodotus is credited with the quote “you can’t bathe in the same river twice.” 2. Bowled 40 times. 11 hits. Good catching practice as well. There was no juice on juice shop and no poha stall. Two … More The Blue Bird!