Engagement Rings!

1. Any rings you wear are a serious business. Now i understand it with more clarity than ever before. Earlier the import used to be as much: whenever one of the protagonists cheated on their husbands or wives: they take off their engagement ring.

2. It’s an age old custom to wear metal rings, especially gold rings on the finger next to smallest finger. It indicates your engagement to the person who gave you that ring.

3. There are countless types of engagements: as many as you want to discover: like: plastic engagements, metal engagements, stone engagements and so on. Vallalar used ring as one of the refrains in his verses.

4. Today as the word ‘engagement’ appeared in the list of words i was teaching her : i asked her its meaning. She replied it to mean ‘busy.’

5. She was right. In the context there were many words which meant what was written. I told her another meaning by extension: “engaged to be married.” As used in phrase. Then i told her about the rings we wear. Later she asked if she could check my tally counter by wearing it and i agreed. She merely needed to curl it once and shorten the size. She wore it briefly. As i needed to call her mother : to show her the assignment that was supposed to be checked by her yesterday: i raised my voice. She was sitting nearby, chatting with another lady. As she was approaching- the girl quickly removed the counter from her finger and kept it above her phone. It showed her apprehension. It was kind of incomprehensible to me.

6. The ring indicates what Gurdjieff calls as ‘Kundabuffer.’ It also indicates cycles. Bicycles and others are adhibhautika counterparts of what’s adhyatmik kundalini. Many myths like JRR Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings highlight this. I have lost and gained rings many times. I distinctly remember certain occasions where in presence of some couples it descended into my body as buffers. Sometimes it was irresistible and not so at others. This also explains clearly why my first sensual thoughts when i was merely five to seven years old were related to riding bicycle. Riding bicycle suggested manliness. It was old knowledge. Memes. Natural. Another cycle completed between my childhood memory and Gurdjieff’s work about Kundabuffer with my first hand experiences.

7. Someone read my post which was published on September 29th. It was titled Mandrake or hawker. The event was similar to one recent event where i rushed to return money and later we returned to square one beyond the banyan tree season. It only indicated one mediary in form of a friend whereas previously a bunch of books came when lockdown had let Jasveer go. It was season, the cold this time around to undo the changes done recently. Last time around it was the law in the guise of a disease. I guaged at my progress in three months. It seems i have known her for a lifetime now. And all that in three months. As if we’re on the same boat. Without me being either Gandhian, or a right wing priest or a farmer.

Such insights appear when we look at our ideas by using another viewpoint. My life seems to be like 350 lifetimes at the end of this year. I entered many voids with Dussehra 2016 being a very deep void–my visiting Azadpura to Pundit Dev Prabhakar Shastri and then to Tikamgarh shaman. 2020 was end of Pundit Dev Prabhakar Shastri’s story on this plane. Even Prahlada Jaani left his mortal coil. He was the most popular among breatharian adepts of this age. Every day has been a lifetime this year!

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