Narendra Kumar Shukla!

1. Motilal Vora passes away. He was an ex chief minister of Madhya Pradesh. I had heard his name for a long time. My condolences. Peace.

2. As I heard the news of his passing away I stopped to check his horoscope and played Dakshinamurti Strotam on Spotify. I was listening to Prasar Bharati on AIR app as I was bowling in the Shatabdi ground. He had celebrated his ninety third birthday yesterday.

3. He had Moon conjunct Venus in Libra forming a Malvaya Yoga along with many planets in the twelfth house of his horoscope. His Atmakaraka Mercury was in Aquarius indicates maker of tanks etc as per the classic text Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra.

4. It’s a very special exit as far I am concerned because it’s also the shortest day in the longest of years so far. In a few hours it will be the birthday of late Narendra Kumar Shukla. He was born on 22.12.1943. He died on 30.1.1995.

5. Observe the patterns:

His life path number: 6

His demise day path number: 1

Motilal Vora’s life path number: 6

( born on 20.12.1927)

Motilal Vora’s death day path number:


Moreover: Narendra Kumar Shukla had a Venus and Moon conjunction in the sign of Libra.

6. Rukmani Devi Shukla was convinced that her husband was reborn as the son of his eldest daughter. I had a nice chemistry with that baby. In fact I was fond of all babies taking good care of them when I was young. But my bond with that guy was very strong. I examined his horoscope and found an uncanny match of Moon sign, Ascendant and Constellations with that of Narendra Kumar Shukla. This to me was a confirmation of reincarnation of Narendra Kumar Shukla. Santosh Kumar Shukla was not convinced with my studies.

7. Narendra Kumar Shukla used to play with me when I was a baby. He was the first one to slap me hard because I didn’t follow his daughter’s suggestion. It was about keeping a tea cup somewhere. He slapped a five year old. He was fond of me otherwise. He was fond of movies and when I asked him after seeing an advertisement in the newspaper if he had watched Don- he told me that he went to a theatre with his friend. He was raised better than me. In richer circumstances. I used to borrow a bicycle for 3 rupees for two-three hours and used to go to Govardhan talkies to watch cheap movies like Waqt Hamara Hai. Mithun Chakraborty movies were getting released every five months in those days and i used to be the only young kid in theatre among all grown ups. Akshay Kumar later followed the same tradition. Being honest about working for money not only made him rich but also made him a much better actor than his Khiladi days when his model image was known only for new type of martial arts which resembled Jackie Chan movies.

8. Gudda had the privilege of watching Mughal-E-Azam with him one night. It was a long movie and when I woke up at about two am to pee: they were still in on it. I was disappointed to have missed that opportunity.

9. I told him that I wanted to become a hero. Not an actor: a hero. Junaid called me a hero once as I was strolling in the organic farm and he was there today. I don’t know how this will be interpreted as anything and everything is interpreted in any way that suits political parties, religious groups and individuals. It’s only a synchronicity hence I mention it without meaning any disrespect to anyone. I was impressed by movies he used to watch in my formative years. These days: especially since 2017: any movie I watch seems like a great burden and costly affair. Earlier I had freedom of watching anything and everything.

10. He told me that there was a switch on the back side of TV. He was going to open that for me and I was going to reach Bombay. Aha! It was one of my dreams in various stages: like my dream to be an army man. I had such a strong resolve that my parents seemed like an enemy when they made me convinced to become a superintendent of police. Then i wanted to become a scientist. Then an IAS officer. “B.E. karke IAS” was the formula given by those privileged uncles. Little did I know about the cults and sacrifices then.

11. Then I wanted to become a doctor for a while as I was interested in Biology more than in Mathematics. They made me change my opinion. I ended up becoming a Programmer Analyst for about three years. Only gainful employment in my life. Now I get a meagre sum of 1000 rupees per month which isn’t enough to buy me necessities of life.

12. This wasn’t about me. This was about a person who called himself Narendra Kumar Shukla. He used to buy lottery tickets. Once, after my examination he came to pick me from school. It was Maria Mata Convent High School. He asked for one “Vikas” and he returned. He didn’t know that I was registered as “Anand Prakash.” He was a Jholachchap doctor. He used to practice medicine without having earned a proper medical training. It was all I heard about him. He was popular and died a violent death in an accident.

13. If you want to summarise events which shaped my destiny in formative years until high school:

A. Accident near Kaali temple which resulted in stitches under knee.

B. Death of grandfather at an age of nine years.

C. Death of Aditi Billore.

D. Not being able to get first merit in either my class, or school or state board in tenth class examination despite getting it in the class 8th.

What did I do which was wrong in the class tenth? Nothing.

Those accidents which killed Aditi, two of her parents, my grandfather, and a part of me as I underwent knee surgery and stayed in a hospital where many people were crying for ten days: they were the main reasons of all negativity in my life. That was merely a beginning.

After coming out of hospital: I told Aditya Dwivedi: “I no longer want to live in this body.”

What do you mean by that?

Why are you talking so negatively?

I had read Geeta. I had read that we leave bodies like we discard garments. It had happened in that accident and I didn’t know that. Ah, i wanted to really discard it immediately.

14. A puppy was lying outside stitching shop as I walked back this evening. Ladies spat outside the house the boy yesterday wearing ‘gap’ tshirt was standing. How did it die? An accident. A group of monkeys came to the organic farm as I was sitting under the eight petalled Ku Klux Klan shade.

15. If I could move out of here: I would immediately move out. Grandfather died a painful death according to one account. He was a violent man. No violent man dies a natural death. Says Laotzu.

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