Unicorn What is perceived but things. What are the details but objects. The observed is everything but the observer. There is no other but the observed. I think it is a flux. There’s a tunnel to the eternal. I have been to it but I am ever in awe. I saw a picture of the … More Unicorn


Harmonize arm chair hair Maruti air Moniker chief chieftain tainted painted TED Talks stocks leaves sleeves wastes asterisms prisms SMS smoldering soldering Ring of Fire wings of Desire Iridescent sent Jasmine Minecraft craftsmanship hip hop operand randi diaspora Ajanta and Ellora aur angutha Bhutan tenager German manager Manna Iguana enough anaphora spoonerisms no sphere here … More Astrologer

Narmada, Death, Pigs, Polythene, Vishakhapatnam, Suicide and Narada!

1. We had a brief discussion on effect of Corona. We seemed to agree on improvement in air quality. Narmada and Godavari couldn’t be cleansed even after big movements and activists like Medha Patkar sacrificed their lives for the cause. Godhead heard them and Narmada is cleaner. It works in mysterious ways. 2. Deaths: Look … More Narmada, Death, Pigs, Polythene, Vishakhapatnam, Suicide and Narada!