Dual, Moveable and Fixed

It was July the thirteenth. He got their team an exemption from the Dovetail exams. He didn’t understand why they were supposed to take tests for their skills while they were busy with the work. He thought they would be grateful as he had no understanding of the pyramid. He was a simpleton. They were soon digging his grave gracefully with ginger garlic breads, ginseng senger, gingerly surly curlicues, lyrically, calculably, unmistakably. Verily verily I say unto thee: the guy was an oaf and used to take oaths in vain.

The members of the Janam society could be considered wise and wonderful, but they had their faults and prejudices and they were not at all forgiving.

Janam Kundalini: prediction for your time. Advertisement. What is the director between a bull and a Ra m?

Eighteen years have passed since then and I am still waiting for the first line. A bull has a stable nature. It’s practical. It works hard and shit is a great deal. It goes gaga over gung-ho. When enraged zed eyes mingling jing blingbotsslingshotspotsupshots.

When a dog is pissed, it looks pathetic.

It’s true. A bull you might have seen around the stock market and another in Hindu puranas: the first one is an Artha entity and the second a Dharma figure often replaced by cow.

When a dog is pissed, it’s fiercer than a bull.

It’s true. A Ram is a moveable fire. A leader. An army chief. It’s the moveable nature which makes it wander whereas the Leo being the ruler of the jungle tends to stay at one place. It hates to be controlled by people but loves to control. A Centaur being dual fire is stronger than the rest because of the adaptability . It’s the teacher and explorer. It tends to be too optimistic about the new. It tends to talk more than it thinks.

The difference between the moveable, fixed and the dual signs is applied to horoscopes primarily in assessing the temperament and journeys in a native’s lifetime.

A Ram in the West is always considered to be a romantic person in the West, but in the East, Ram is a sign of a strong and courageous nature. Take the myth of Ramayana: the hero has a wandering nature. He attained great fanfare by traveling through the Indian subcontinent. Another example is Buddha the Gautama who is supposed to have plenty of energy in the same sign and same ascendent as the hero of the myth. Buddha also kept roaming around with his teachings.

A Scorpio in the East is always considered to be an all-seeing person in the East, but in the West, Scorpio is a sign of passionate Avengers. Take for example the horoscope of Satya Sai Baba: a scorpion sting was a key event early in his life. And he did not move around much. That’s what a fixed water sign does, ofcourse with scandals and mystique.

Take example of Krishna: Archetype of Dharma: one who sang the song of divine wisdom in the myth of the Mahabharata. He was a bull by sign. He didn’t move around much. Even compared to the other great heroes like Buddha, Gandhi or Rama his movements were very limited.

Gandhi akin to Nehru moved a lot in his life. They both had a Cancer Moon. And also moveable ascendant signs ( Cancer and Libra.) Take the duo of Vivekananda and RamaKrishna : Vivekananda had a dual ascendant as well as a dual Moon. He moved a great deal. Ramakrishna had his ascendant, Sun and Moon in a fixed airy sign of Aquarius. He didn’t move around much. I hope this helps you understand how moveable, fixed and the dual signs affect us.

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