Super Moon and Venus

Icy Super Moon Ascendant

1. It looks nearer than it appears in the image.

2. Venus is also visible in the South West:

Venus opposite Super Moon!

3. People singing in chorus in the nearby temples. It was the sheer radiance today. A kid is singing and family members are busy chasing away the persistent cat. It gets almost no food here and it has been beaten yet it lingers here. So does the Ghanshi the name rhymes with Banshee and she is the old lady I wrote about another day on this very blog.

4. Mosquitoes are singing too. Kids frolic and some vegetable and bangle sellers had a good time today. I enjoyed playing Cricket with neighborhood kids and for a while it seemed as if Nitrous Oxide was mixed in the air people were breathing.

5. Life seems to be returning to the normal in the vicinity. Nitty gritty. Typhoons telephone time and Tide play one on one. And I have abstained from creating tingling lingas gatecrashing hinged zed eyes mingling blingbotsslingshotspotsupshots.

6. In order to impart meaning I need to create events, manage them well, create more events with fewer errors and fever verses on clerihew hewn and sewn by news evasedro pin point Nippon ponytail onyxoohagisys.

7. I look South. The only sky available to me with heavy hot air right now comes with mosquito bites. Mosquitoes deserve their food as much as I deserve my comfort or Etheridge victuals. Battue Tuesday has come to an end as dead animals dance with heavy ringtones notes on keywords venire xenon cenote secern discern neysaz. I have to remind myself of scaling and click time to clock time else the psychology takes over pretty fast track acknowledged degrees verdigris. Grisly sly lyrics.

8. Though the lunar calendar says it’s the full Moon, it’s not circular in shape but oval and tilted slightly to the left as if imagining a story.

Captain attaint intern Cook!

Time taken: 35 minutes.

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