The Head!

Yarmouth Plymouth South blabbermouth Apply lyrical calculus lustrate irate pirate by rate. Hummingbird feeders Crows cedars Butterfly flyover Overture Segue. Say gway. Sage way! Say Joan or John or Johnson Leo AWOL wolverine Wilbur Virgo ergo ergot ergonomic design. Signature natural law awesome meshuga mesuga gaga mesha ragamuffin Finnish tiffin Swedish petrichor Terpsichore chore hoary … More The Head!

How Much Chennai?

1. It was early morning and we were about to enter into Chennai. My friend opened the window to ask a man in a lungi about the location: “How far is Chennai, from here, Sir?” “How much Chennai do you need? In a typical condescending Tamilan attitude, as a villager living on the outskirts of … More How Much Chennai?

Dogs and Clouds!

1. The waning Moon is the object of the barking dog. Wind is soothing and I wonder if I should call it breeze. As I walk it sussurates into my right ear. 2. The block system of WordPress app indicates that they consider the work to be an architectural design. 3. The Anuradha Moon has … More Dogs and Clouds!

Guido Van Rossum!

What a wonderful music plays in the background as the creator of the language introduces himself to his audience. How often do you hear from Larry Page or Bill Gates or Linus Pauling or Sigmund Freud or Ved Vyasa in your coursework? I mean: I must be fortunate as he has worked on it for … More Guido Van Rossum!

Narada versus Rama!

1. Narada versus Rama: Rama is Bhagavan whereas Narada is merely a journalist. In the fiction there are big egos and smaller ones. Rama is one of the biggest. Narada was also an incarnation of Vishnu like Rama but Ramayana glorified Rama. Narada had initiated Valmiki the creator of Ramayana. Narada asked his lord Narayana … More Narada versus Rama!

Narmada, Death, Pigs, Polythene, Vishakhapatnam, Suicide and Narada!

1. We had a brief discussion on effect of Corona. We seemed to agree on improvement in air quality. Narmada and Godavari couldn’t be cleansed even after big movements and activists like Medha Patkar sacrificed their lives for the cause. Godhead heard them and Narmada is cleaner. It works in mysterious ways. 2. Deaths: Look … More Narmada, Death, Pigs, Polythene, Vishakhapatnam, Suicide and Narada!


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1. A dog heard the grandmother calling me inside to have another meal. I had a tea at aunt’s place where I walked a few steps with my cousin who is an author and a programmer. 2. Programmers as well as authors do the same thing: they write codes using information available to them in … More Storms!