1. A dog heard the grandmother calling me inside to have another meal. I had a tea at aunt’s place where I walked a few steps with my cousin who is an author and a programmer.

2. Programmers as well as authors do the same thing: they write codes using information available to them in some language. I used to wonder about my past team lead”s attention to details. He was a Libra Moon and Ascendant and he had infinite patience to navigate through the XML style sheet language documents. He used to catch bugs in codes quite easily because he had good experience with maintenance and support team. I joined as a developer for my first project and later I was required in a maintenance and support team where instead of attending webinars I was busy learning new things online. Learning needs patient application of knowledge base and creative branching out with returning harmonics. In simpler words: you need to keep some type of record for whatever you learn. Teaching a subject or learning it by writing a book about it is truly absorbing and it results in perfect condition where you master a certain skills set which doesn’t require reference to the tome or the pupils.

3. It was Narasimha Jayanti: the birth of the manticore incarnation of lord Vishnu who saved his devotee Prahlad by killing his demonic father Hiranyakashya. Since Holika dahan, which was on Falguni Purnima, it was after 55 days this event is recognised. Which means victory of Truth over falsehood.

Vaishakh Purnima: Buddha’s Appearance!

4. It’s the Purnima or the full Moon of Vaishakh: the day of appearance of Shakyamuni Buddha some 2600 years ago. Couple of years ago I was walking in stadium experimental about the diurnal variations in my height. Now I have been following the news and stadium is not open yet.

5. Crickets are chirping and mosquitoes are singing in chorus with coolers and fans.

6. There was dust storm as I was enjoying cricket with neighborhood kids. Then I enjoyed talking about prospect of working on a programming project. I wanted to play vocabulary quizzes but preferred socializing over it.

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