Luncheon to luncheon!

1. Can you finish a ten rupees white bread packet(usually twelve to thirteen pieces with a twenty rupees lassi?) Answer: it depends on whether you need to finish it. 2. Why lassi and not tea? Answer: quantity to soak breads. 3. Why not water and sugar? Answer: I have tried. Question: 01: Why department? Answer: … More Luncheon to luncheon!

Why Maroon Pant is Fast Asleep in the Flash Fiction?

1. I don’t like stediam. 2. Gold medelist. 3. Jyfçotidip mention. 1. It’s 12:52 PM 10.04.2022, Sunday, in Chhatarpur, Madhya Pradesh, India, inside Pundit Baburam Chaturvedi Stadium. I am sitting under a banyan tree. It reminds me of Gandhi’s fondness for Ruskin Bond’s Unto This Last. 2. I had a chapter in my class 11th … More Why Maroon Pant is Fast Asleep in the Flash Fiction?


1. No matter how much you speak: you speak too much. 2. No matter how much you eat: you eat too much. 3. Written above are two golden principles of moderation. I have heard them all my life. But when you feel pain is greater than the gain: break these rules gingerly. 4. Fair as … More FAIR


1. Stopwatch of my android smartphone shows 09:30:51 2. I clearly remember walking for about 9 minutes before I sat to read. It was about 06:47 AM. 3. The smartphone clock shows: 10:00 AM. 4. By using points second and third above, it can be deduced that about 03:13:00 should be the reading on stopwatch. … More 09:30:51

It ended in 2010.

1. The best of celebrations was a decade ago. They so arranged it that i was left with her and her. 2. It was serene. An Italian restaurant. Monika. The boys didn’t come on a pretext. 3. She was there for two birthdays in a row. Once i was washing clothes using washing machine when … More It ended in 2010.

Slippery Slippers!

1. A man with shoes, wearing a white kerchief stares for a long time…moves away as i ask. He appeared after my last post was published. 2. A blind man catches hold of me just outside the post office. He requests me to put address of an institution where he’s going to take admission in … More Slippery Slippers!

Rekha Madam!

1. She alighted from an e-rickshaw. I was walking with my gaze into ethereal shrine. I had a hunch: it might be her. She was waiting for someone. 2. I could have done it some other day. Why not now? To be genuine in my salutation for once. 3. She was wearing a white saari … More Rekha Madam!


1. 11533: my rankings on jam despite only few people being present. Sudip C might be the one from Hall of Fame. I should check the status in the hall now. 2. I was tired but kept reading. Utensils have piled. I need to wash at least fifteen of them by tomorrow. The pull-ups were … More Dictums