Morning Eidolons

Deshaj means born from Desh or country. I had a brief conversation with a dancer and actor who has been a practitioner of the art forms for about a decade and a half. The birds are chirping and insects are buzzing and the cows are mowing and some crows are also adding to the chorus. … More Morning Eidolons

Shridevi and Bhoodevi

7. 17. Out of those four: one who serves me with steadfast devotion with the nondual realisation of being one with me without a wavering mind with love with my essential knowledge : such knower of reality is dearest to me. The verse ascertains superiority of right knowledge. The chapter is known as gyanavigyanayoga meaning … More Shridevi and Bhoodevi

47 Minutes@÷

I was not the same when I had a difficult time believing that one day reading my own words would become the greatest source of inspiration to me. Now as I read myself: I find a most authentic and most trustworthy source of inspiration which is more than merely surface consciousness. There was a time … More 47 Minutes@÷


1. A dog heard the grandmother calling me inside to have another meal. I had a tea at aunt’s place where I walked a few steps with my cousin who is an author and a programmer. 2. Programmers as well as authors do the same thing: they write codes using information available to them in … More Storms!

Scurrilous monologues

1. It’s the first quarter of Swati and Leo ascendant. I was talking to my grandmother and mother about hype created around the character of Karan in the epic Mahabharata. Immaculate conception seems to be one of the cause and solar dynasty ruling our psyche the other. Bhagvat Puran among many others has clear lineage … More Scurrilous monologues

Dravidam TVamev!

1. Dravidam means dravya or money. Mother was singing this song: ” You’re my mother, father and brother, sister and friend. You are my art, wealth(Dravidiam.) You, oh, divine one art my everything.” Translated from Sanskrit. 2. Dravid country thus meant wealthy state of Tamil nadu in Bhagvat Puran. 3. IT revolution began in southern … More Dravidam TVamev!

37 minutes!

1. Easy is Right. Begin easy and you are right. Continue right and you are easy ; the easy way about the right way is to forget it’s easy and forget it’s right. Chuang tzu. Quoted by Osho. 2. Moderation is difficult. Especially if it’s in all walks of life. You become wooden Denmark marksmanship … More 37 minutes!