1. Stopwatch of my android smartphone shows 09:30:51

2. I clearly remember walking for about 9 minutes before I sat to read. It was about 06:47 AM.

3. The smartphone clock shows: 10:00 AM.

4. By using points second and third above, it can be deduced that about 03:13:00 should be the reading on stopwatch.

5. Disparity: 06:17:51

6. Conclusion:

A. Either: stopwatch is dysfunctional. Which seems to be improbable.

B. Or: it was reset by some agency as i was busy reading.

C. Effectively: the stopwatch hasn’t been reset since 00:30:00 AM, while I clearly recall doing so.


It was someday in the year 2018 AD. I then had a cellphone. I had set an alarm for 04:00 AM. It rang but I was too tired. I snoozed it off. I had fabulous dreams. It rang again. I was dumbstruck to see : it was still 04:00 AM. A similar stopping of time had happened even before that day. These two are my accurate memories along with other experiments done with three different clocks.

The event today seems to be a sort of dilation effectively. But only in the network memory. Compared to the events in 2018 and before: this one can be merely a glitch by a hacking agency. Yesterday I wasn’t able to use a certain browser and today this happened.

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