Slippery Slippers!

1. A man with shoes, wearing a white kerchief stares for a long time…moves away as i ask. He appeared after my last post was published.

2. A blind man catches hold of me just outside the post office. He requests me to put address of an institution where he’s going to take admission in Indore on an envelope he has:

BCM heights, Vijay Nagar, 452010(Atmalochan Parisar, scheme number 54, Behind Bombay Hospital)

Mahesh Drishtiheen Kalyan Sangh

3. I put the address on envelope and he takes me before the counter where Akanksha sits.

4. Next he asks me to give him twenty rupees for fare. I had a fifty rupees note which is used to buy a tea which he drinks as we chat, a peanut snack which we share and then a sandwich followed by a bread packet. My wallet is empty again. My net worth zero.

5. The man told his name to be Vinod Pateria. He is a priest. His father gave all his ancestral property to his elder brother and none of it to him. He lives in Rampur.

6. I had a strong deja vu inside post office. It is only the second time after 2016 November when i went to put a parcel for Pawan Gupta. I felt as if it was the same person who appeared in form of Ashutosh or Bharatendu previously. Is it Indra or Shiva personified or merely my wishful thinking?

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