Rekha Madam!

1. She alighted from an e-rickshaw. I was walking with my gaze into ethereal shrine. I had a hunch: it might be her. She was waiting for someone.

2. I could have done it some other day. Why not now? To be genuine in my salutation for once.

3. She was wearing a white saari and she had grey hair with freckles on her cheeks. What I paid attention to, in particular, was the dot. The red bindi on her forehead.

4. She asked me how I was doing and i mirrored that with words. She asked me about my current job and my educational qualifications. I told her. Then she asked me about why I quit the job. Before I could complete: she said I would get more tuitions. You have started : you would get work in time.

5. I had heard her conversation with a student of hers. It was a long ago. I went to take her permission for something. The student was telling her : “I feel as if you don’t love me.”

But I love you and all others. Don’t ever think like this.

The student felt good.

She explicitly asked him to touch her feet.

6. I was baffled. Her love was wierd to say the least.

7. Satya Prakash was fond of mocking the sounds of her slaps. She used to beat naughty ones.

8. Myopia and hypermetropia ever remained the highlight of my study under her supervision. Kuldeep Shukla.

9. She ever remained a mystery.

10. Her hobby was Mathematics. On Sunday she used to practice Mathematics. She became a librarian like Laotzu. I thought I saw a look alike of Laotse outside JK cyber cafe. Previous one was in Vrijpura.

11. The student who touched her feet took Saurabh Singh to our section of MMHS and asked him to show one flying kick as he was learning karate.

I was wondering why it was such a big thing for I could do that. Gyanesh Chaturvedi had taught me kingry kick.

12. I used her dots till the end of the infinity. If someone implanted suggestions in me: it was her. Grammar. She was a grammarian and mathematician. She knew Hindi and English. If someone could be called hypatia of Maria Mata it was her. Her name is Rekha and there’s no parallel to her. Do parrallel lines meet at infinity? Her name was Rekha and she played with dots.

13. She triggered the avalanche of tears on our farewell day. I saw a tear in corner of her eyes as Ruchi was giving the parting speech. Ah, how could I have seen that. I would have cried in private but she made it a vidaai samaroh. When it comes to crying Rudra Academy always gets the first prize. Natarajan Pencils : champions once again!

15. A Sanskrit dictum says: good people appear harsh but they’re soft inside: like coconut. Others are like plums : soft only on outside. She could teach Sanskrit as well.

16. I saw Neelima and Maya mam in a dream recently and it resulted in meeting her.

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