Rekha Madam!

1. She alighted from an e-rickshaw. I was walking with my gaze into ethereal shrine. I had a hunch: it might be her. She was waiting for someone. 2. I could have done it some other day. Why not now? To be genuine in my salutation for once. 3. She was wearing a white saari … More Rekha Madam!

Death is dead!

1. It’s a strange place I have reached. Whereas the most abstruse of spiritual and political topics seem like back of my left hand: my everyday life is a life of dire poverty. My net worth is three hundred and twenty rupees and I am waiting to receive my due fees from three parties. 2. … More Death is dead!

Dark Matters!

How blind were power hungry politicians. Until Atal was in power his style was mimicked by the rest. As soon as he went out of the business: he fell ill and forgotten. Shah started mimicking Modi and others started mimicking him in rallies. Rhetoric. I was not surprised: they knew only this way. I had … More Dark Matters!

Mosquitoes espalier moose Syracuse excuse meme mega gasoline.

Danseuse masseuse Usenet Netsuke nettled kettle Tenet Benet Benedict Cumberbatch Cucumber una bomber Acanthoid lycanthropy Scandent indent entomologist Logistics logoi oily lyrics Oeillade ladle ladder rungs Tabor taboret rey tigereye Eyeball snowball ballpark private eye Grippe gripe ripe frippery Kevin Perry Timothy leery Eerie rye Bye and bye Sly sky Kyle leeway wayward naumachia chiasmus … More Mosquitoes espalier moose Syracuse excuse meme mega gasoline.

Wordplay of the day!

Caryatid tidbits doing foin without Bit coin . Dreck Mandrake Madeira made era Mad ida diadem pingala alacrity. Rinse sequin Quincy springe. { Observing the word Atheling in the third chapter of Alice Adventures…By Lewis Carroll I realized it was akin to methinks not a recent invention. } Sick duck wick wicker Kerchief chieftain kickbacks … More Wordplay of the day!

47 Minutes@÷

I was not the same when I had a difficult time believing that one day reading my own words would become the greatest source of inspiration to me. Now as I read myself: I find a most authentic and most trustworthy source of inspiration which is more than merely surface consciousness. There was a time … More 47 Minutes@÷