Death is dead!

1. It’s a strange place I have reached. Whereas the most abstruse of spiritual and political topics seem like back of my left hand: my everyday life is a life of dire poverty. My net worth is three hundred and twenty rupees and I am waiting to receive my due fees from three parties.

2. World Food Programme received Nobel Peace Prize: though they are as rigged as Cricket Matches : I am happy that some charity does happen on their behalf : and since I spend some time everyday-playing Free Rice game: I feel like I deserve some rice when I eat it. Not because what I have donated recently is enough to feed many children: it’s a meagre one kilogram : but I am extremely popular. Despite being hidden. Despite being a blogger who has only hundred followers who were not bought by liking in return or by using flattery: I did wait for the count to reach to 100 from 90. By then, all previous ailments, which are merely memories were dropped. Blogger’s World survived but didn’t thrive. A Blogger blog which had utmost honest accounts of how Corona originated (it originated when I was enjoying the Chinese porn): survived. I am happy for World Food Programme. I do need some institution or organization which really does what it says.

3. Maria Mata Convent High School doesn’t. Its T is italicized. Mafos. Logos. All the same. Red Cross? I don’t know. I was a star advertiser : then I was not eligible as a teacher. I was eligible to be butchered collectively in another school: Sanskar Public. The main problem is: I don’t understand why such a prestigious institution encroached such a big amount of public land on a road. Secondly: the same was done by Choubey Nursing Home. And after many months of news reports in 2018 : nothing ever happened. Voices are suppressed : efficiently. I would give you an offer you won’t be able to resist. Marlon Brando/Al Pacino/Robert De Nero? It doesn’t matter. You’re a Warner Bros: stay mum. Anand Hero? Yarmulke? It’s time to shine. Put a drunk man near collector bungalow. What is news? Even collector bungalow encroached public road. Do you have courage to bulldozer that land? Or is it only poor people like me?

4. Sampat had problems with my cleaning the field. My neighbors had bigger problems. And why? Because it’s always a problem. Sampat didn’t know that her name means what her grandchild’s name meant: “vaibhav” : opulence. It was the same name which was inserted into me when I was dying after having my heart stopped. Satyam was present in two such episodes with me. Galla Mandi: Ganesh: and then playing the ball in the academy. Jai Tripathi called it out like the child who saw emperor’s clothes: is it a bhoot bungalow sir? Sampat only had a colony of ghosts in her house. She was rude then and even more rude in parting. She was the second lady after the secretary of Gandhi Smarak Nidhi who employed me: but they were never as clear as I was: they mixed money with cleavage while I wanted them to keep them distinct. I was supposed to be paid for my honest labours. The kids I taught didn’t let me teach. They were mostly nuisance makers. I did my best but in the end: you are not being paid because we had to spend time preparing tea for you. You know what: I had five ghosts in my house: they channeled countless ghosts and you’re not new. Maybe you’re more connected to elite of the town: being a Chaturvedi and all. Who is Bhajju Goswami? Is he same as Gyanesh Or is he a different version. He was more of a friend and we did play chess but he disappeared.

5. It has been six months. I was beaten by a black commando and police. Why? Because I was walking towards a library. I was composing with a slut who thought she was a goddess. I was commenting on heir apparent winking at cheat apparent. The policeman didn’t know where Gandhi Smarak Bhavan is and yet had a right to beat me. Isn’t it logical that since that beating didn’t change the disease and didn’t control the community spread and the Maximilian Muhammad farci: all draconid constellation rulers be soon brought to justice? Will it make me happy that same treatment is given to president, prime minister, or all goons? Will it make me happy that all traces of this civilization disappear for good? I really don’t know the root cause. What can I say? I see beggars vying for attention all around me.

6. What did I learn this year? It’s Autumn. Now deciduous trees mean something else: they don’t make me recall whores. They merely tell me that I have sacrificed myself as many times for the Truth as the leaves falling from trees. I see crows, pigeons, mules, bulls, pigs, dogs and humans: they all have a different meaning to me. This was the greatest year ever!

7. I still long to see thousand hooded serpent. Giant lizards. Aliens. Grays. Sirians. Vulcans. Orions. Etcetera. Where are my countless clones? Exact replicas with whom I may spend time without noise? How long do I need to serve logos before I am rewarded with a noise proof room where I have perfect control for as long as I need it. If no such thing exists: logos is powerless and fake.

8. Where are gods and goddesses with thousands of heads. Not the mystical version of people cooperation. No. If you rattle psyche of children for aeons : by telling them stories about them: you should show something real. Instead: you invent new ways of torture:

9. Celibacy. Sexuality. Marriage. Ethics. Parents. Police. Neighborhood. Shamans. State. Taxes. Outcastes. Incomplete education. Sleep deprivation. Malnutrition. Adulteration of food. Using electricity, internet and other wiring to adulterate music of spheres. And add goons, maafia as well as Mahajan to that: if everyone is indebted to some greater Lord: why do I need to bear the cross everytime?

10. Advertisement carry more knowledge than news reports. Imagination is more powerful than knowledge. I was a slave. Then I thought I was free. Then I was initiated by another Inder who imposed some impossible to fulfill conditions like a diary: what a fake institution. Then: back to Nayanmars who claimed perfect enlightenment merely by chanting omamashivaay. Here precedence was given to rudraksha bearers by primeval Lord? What’s so special about a tree, stone, hair, bones, DNA? Anki and Anlil.

11. Amitabh. Western Buddha verse. Piyusha Patel: only person who asked me earnest philosophical questions in the last year. Only a few meetings. Mere confirmation that I hadn’t forgotten the names and teachings: Jiddu, UG, Eckhart, Nisargadatt, Buddha, Padmasambhava, Nanaka, Rama, Vaasudev, Vyasa, Ramananda, Muhammad, Moses, Ramalinga, Patanjali and Gandhi. Foundation course: Shriram Sharma. Osho. Kripaluji. Satya Sai Baba. Baba Ramdev. I wondered if Asharam, Ram Rahim and Rampal etc were merely adept actors or something of order of solitary confinement did happen to me. I was deprived of sleep, food and given shock treatment by gray aliens in the darkest nights. Let it be known to all who read: Death is dead. Covid is dead. Dick Laurent is dead.

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