To Call A Spade, A Spade!

1. I had a bath and a meal. I bought a red colored tennis ball worth fifty rupees ( ‘Bailey’ company )from Chetan Sports and Science gallery.

2. My student who couldn’t join me for the evening practice today had recommended to buy one costing twenty rupees but it was not available on that shop. I practiced with the synthetic ball for 40 iterations, then I decided to buy the tennis ball because otherwise the owner of the ball would have come collecting taxes. I counted sixty balls in total. Morning routine should have catching practice and evening routine should have bowling practice. As a general rule: if you don’t own a bat you shouldn’t aspire to bat. Most of the kids who join the academy pay thousand rupees entry fee, then they need to pay five hundred rupees per month, expenses for kit, bats and bowls are additional.

3. Needless to say: only elites play Cricket. Children of Mafia, Illuminati and land owners. If I am allowed anywhere near them it’s a privilege with much vigilance. The secret police is always inside stadium and around schools. The previous such unlock happened when it was assembly election. As soon as the election was over they again brought curfew like situation. This relaxation: freedom to roam around and play while I can only manage to drink half a kilogram of milk everyday for only next ten days with what I have: is because of the elections. People should feel that Madhya Pradesh government which came in power by buying candidates, and the greatest tyranny since Indira Gandhi as well as city goons are keeping well by only spitting once or twice gutka shakers unite.

4. Plastic got banned. Gutka got banned. Porn got banned. Ladies are safe until media pursues a suicide case. Pranav Pandya: the head of Gaytri Pariwar was facing charges of sexual assault and the case was on fast track. Now nobody knows what happened to the case. Now all of a sudden it’s a deluge of sexual assaults in news : as if all the rapists have been unleashed together.

5. To have yourself inspected : to be observed like I have been observed might have sounded like a real thing. All charges fall if I have a little of music. And it tells me how discordant and full of puss are those mouths : air coming out from which is no better than fart. Useless pathetic faces which have no other job but to encroach other’s property, violate their rights and to exercise unrighteous Dominion over others. People who use all devices merely to try mind control by depriving you of sleep, food and basic security. Such manipulation is from people who are already in hell of their collective making but think that they are in heavens. I kept wondering : the very people whom I try to educate and enlighten: the people very near to me who pretended to like me and even adore me were behaving like enemies : then it was all of them. I was absolutely infamous and for no reason but because I was being myself. I couldn’t have been anything else. This was my destination: to call a spade, a spade.

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