Light, Camera, Sound and Action!

1. There was a report about multicolored monoliths appearing at various places. It reminded me of Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey. 2. While developing models for study of life and students I began with journey, game, school, dream and war models. Yesterday, at the conclusion of ceremony organized by Madhya Pradesh Hindi Literature Unit, … More Light, Camera, Sound and Action!

Six Jams!

1. 351531: six jams on 2. The first couple of jams were hacked. As soon as total number of participants reaches near hundred servers tend to crash. Might be lack of data and premature conclusion. 3. Reasoning type question: only one. 4. Fill in the blanks are most difficult because they need reading of … More Six Jams!

Death is dead!

1. It’s a strange place I have reached. Whereas the most abstruse of spiritual and political topics seem like back of my left hand: my everyday life is a life of dire poverty. My net worth is three hundred and twenty rupees and I am waiting to receive my due fees from three parties. 2. … More Death is dead!