Light, Camera, Sound and Action!

1. There was a report about multicolored monoliths appearing at various places. It reminded me of Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey.

2. While developing models for study of life and students I began with journey, game, school, dream and war models. Yesterday, at the conclusion of ceremony organized by Madhya Pradesh Hindi Literature Unit, the anchor recited a verse to mean that it is a journey and we shall meet again. I recalled Rumi’s Caravan.

3. In the play model: lights, sounds, camera and action is an often repeated pharse. It tells you about primary foundation of play as a model similar to any other models.

4. Light can be of many types. Sunlight, Moonlight which is a reflection of Sunlight or electrical light, electromagnetic light, biochemical light as produced by fireflies and finally the dancinglightofgrace.

5. Sounds can be of many types. Heard word is either produced by collision or without collision. The one with collision has a physical presence of objects in your vicinity whereas the other one is an echo. It might be an extrasensory perception. These can be humane or natural. Artificial or divine or demonic.

6. The logos is inner sounds. It’s written word for those who live in Truth realm universe. If there’s no erroneous hearing : it can also be heard word.

7. Whether seeing is believing or hearing is believing or it’s more complex than that: decides what takes you to your true home in the Truth realm universe in your journey.

8. Witness is camera. It’s knowledge without judgement until it’s a must. It’s forgiveness. It’s Akashic records.

9. Action is Karma or doing or movement of energy which always returns to harmony or higher order. In case of individuals who live in the truth realm: a higher order replaces the chaos which is replaced by smaller and smaller chaos towards higher and higher orders.

10. Without firm conviction given by gnosis you can’t be at peace. It’s akin to bliss of deep sleep. The duality is always a play between the opposites, a zillion shades of contrast. Nonduality can’t be traced, found or pinpointed to . Reality is a mystery and yet this solipsistic Nonduality can find harmony in artistic expression of sublime beauty. As you contemplate and focus identities, the pinholes through which light, sound, camera and action activates the psyche or universal mind, brings them to light of awareness, you realize that every identity is a complete perfection interevolving with other identities into a higher perfection which is novel in its expression yet in keeping with the foundation.

11. A universe comes into being with every identity and as this identity keeps growing in truth, knowledge and bliss it overlaps other identities. It enters into mind of others and others come into its mind which is actually universal mind. Both of them interdependent and arising conditionally. As long as characters engross you they’re given reality by your light which activates them. It’s more complex than mere desire to enjoy, witness or control because it’s above all: desire to be or exist or live. Beyond it there’s neither desire to live nor to not live, which is actually its natural contrast as love and hatred accompany each other.

12. All this for me? Yes. Only for you. There’s no one else but you!

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