Time can’t heal timeless wounds!

1. Walked 80 minutes and played vocabulary jams on vocabulary.com. Walking without bag on back is easier. It is possible to complete marathon by using walk and run approach in turns. One of the challenges is to wake up in time on the day of marathon. My heels have cracks and toes have injuries and bruises because of excessive walking. But it’s not new. Time can’t heal timeless wounds.

2. Received 1123124 ranks but not in that order. Moon wasn’t visible today.

Number 9

3. I own all the images. Though it used to be useless. Who owns what and for how long, yadda yadda.

4. PC and Stephen were missing today. Vimal Rajendran, Yang and another guy whose name is difficult to spell played well.

5. Got shaved. Had to borrow ten rupees. Returned 5 rupees that i had borrowed from the PUBG guy. The game got banned but memories are enough to run a mobile restaurant for youth!

6. We had some discussion in library. I didn’t know it rained in New Delhi. The clouds increased temperature here.

7. Made 100 rupees as a freelancer towards a job which was not completed. Learned to use Paytm. The call which was supposed to last 20 minutes took 2 hours 20 minutes. In 2011 i published a half-baked treatise named ‘A Cookbook For Genius’ on a freelancing site which gave me 25 coins. Then i had a full time job in Cognizant Technology Solutions and yet i couldn’t earn as a freelancer. People from Nigeria and other African countries quoted such low prices that they were immediately hired. I was new. I don’t know how long i can continue but once i am out of this pit i would never be able to forget how deeply entrenched i had become here because of these ancient relationships. You think they’re resolved but complexes keep coming to surface until your identity gets completely changed or you become all-in-all.

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