Twilight Sunday!

1. The open mic had an entry fee of thirty rupees. It had a banner of Madhya Pradesh Hindi Sahitya Unit.

2. The person who invited me to sit laughed hysterically when i told him about the alcohol smell.

3. He had no handkerchief.

4. Parrots are returning to nests.

5. Birds are chirping sweetly. Another twilight comes to an end. It has been an eventful day. Yesterday i couldn’t receive the first rank on vocabulary jams but got a job offer. Today I got a virtual payment of 100 rupees.

6. The PC guy looks like Bourbon and Cigars guy. But like my other romances he will remain anonymous. Bourbon and Cigars was from Japan whereas this guy is from MIT. If i am grateful for company of any people in 2020: it’s these illuminati: PC, Vishnu Ram, Stephen and Claire G.

7. After the marathon i would get time for bowling. I still wear the cap with 232 number and it’s a memory of events which had significance then. Virtual significance.

8. A Tohu Verse to celebrate the twilight:


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