A Day Well Spent!

1. Latest achievement on vocabulary.com: 2. In one of the jams I scored 10 points higher than PC. It rarely happens. I was the leader of the jam in that one. 3. Well, there’s no substitute to hardwork. My overall ranking has also improved a great deal. 4. My ID is 10. I invite you … More A Day Well Spent!

Score Analytics!

1. Played 13 vocabulary jams on vocabulary.com on 16.1.2021 and 17.1.2021. 2. Here’s the summary of ranks i received: 2222221121111 3. Today I received second rank only once. Yesterday I couldn’t receive first rank even once. 4. Summary of my scores: 460 750 760 695 840 800 660 410 380 620 670 685 760 5. … More Score Analytics!

Tohu Mercurial!

1. Played 10 vocabulary jams on vocabulary.com. Scored first rank on 8 of them second rank on 2 of them. Stephen D, PC and others were absent. Eat B was present. 2. My scores: (605, 645, 600, 740, 790, 365, 550, 565, 830, 655) 3. The scores are out of 1000. 4. I intend to … More Tohu Mercurial!

Twilight Sunday!

1. The open mic had an entry fee of thirty rupees. It had a banner of Madhya Pradesh Hindi Sahitya Unit. 2. The person who invited me to sit laughed hysterically when i told him about the alcohol smell. 3. He had no handkerchief. 4. Parrots are returning to nests. 5. Birds are chirping sweetly. … More Twilight Sunday!

Player numbers

1. Played vocabulary jams: 1311 ranks. 2. Played maps on Free Rice. The question is: why do some continents have no diversity at all and others have so many factions? Immediately answer comes: divide and rule. America, Canada, Australia and Russia have vast amount of lands and resources. They colonized and used India, China and … More Player numbers