Tuesday Morning!

1. I bowled 10 overs. Yesterday evening I jogged. There are: runner’s high, jogger’s high and walker’s high. The trio of Sir Donald Bradman, Gandhi and Vallalar achieved the third one. Neither manichavasagar nor Vallalar were hounds of Shiva. They’re not in Nayanmars. That gives you hope! 2. I intend to play many jams today. … More Tuesday Morning!

An Appeal!

1. It’s an appeal to myself. 2. When I become able to relate or understand the nature of this problem. 3. I should come back to read it here or in the causal body. Or via Akashic records and resolve it for all who have it. 4. Why do I need to switch between Vocabulary.com … More An Appeal!

Six Jams!

1. 351531: six jams on vocab.com. 2. The first couple of jams were hacked. As soon as total number of participants reaches near hundred servers tend to crash. Might be lack of data and premature conclusion. 3. Reasoning type question: only one. 4. Fill in the blanks are most difficult because they need reading of … More Six Jams!