Concrete Wall of Silence!

1. Played 10 vocabulary jams with Lily C, Mr. Barham, Stephen and 50 to 80 players on an average. Walking inside a room doesn’t count as a preparation for Bundelkhand marathon, neither does the shoveling of compost as required in one of the seven turnings of an eighteen days long process for preparation of organic farm bed.

2. Scores: (640, 580, 605, 750, 555, 710, 555, 690, 670, 520)

3. Ranks: (3,1,1,1,1,2,4,4,1,1)

4. First rank: 6 times

Second rank: once

Third rank: once

Fourth rank: twice

5. Have covered about eight of her prompts in my verses. Here’s the Concrete wall of Silence:

Concrete wall of silence


Leap year has gone

Bygone gonorrhoea

Honorable onomatopoeia

Bleh blah ah!

6. We had a wonderful discussion in library. The kid helped with the iron cart. It was an art.

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