Why do always keep earplugs in ear?!

1. Who fucked whom and how many times is none of my business.

2. When they fired the bullet which entered the hut a policeman was called who was given a copy of Mangal Prabhat by the helper in office. There was another helper.

3. They said, upon being asked by the policeman that salary would be revealed in private.

4. Khaadi costs more than tshirts available for 100 or 150 per piece. Did Gandhi envision this? He lived luxuriously fasting as and when he pleased with plenty of honey to kill thousands of bees.

5. The helper later told me he received 3000 rupees per month.

6. The secretary obviously received more than that. Librarian got 3000 per month plus roti which he took in secret from kitchen.

7. I asked secretary in the last month of last year about her salary: 3000 rupees per month. She has been my employer but the facts didn’t tally. Why did helper mislead about their income?

8. When once in crisis: i asked helper’s brother about staying in the place: he said i would get 7000 rupees. It’s impossible to get more than secretary. Tez got only 3500 despite his multitalented multitasking.

9. Maybe secretary being selfless took less than helpers. Maybe it was never about money like it’s here with greedy government employees. Maybe it all doesn’t matter as i get full plate of food for ten rupees in Deendayal rasoi. Potatoes and Bhata.

10. Despite my requests they never shared the periodicals with me. The journalist who visited on December 13th said clearly that though periodicals weren’t in circulation recently they were there. Since i have been the most consistent reader in library in the years 2020 and 2018 it was obvious that I should have been privy to journals. But who knows: I might be a snitch working for someone in disguise. Might spill beans.

11. The new books are for sell to rich doctors. Poor people don’t get access to library while many books get termite. Nobody has time to read. One day i am an administrator, the next day i am a farmer, the next day an aristocrat or a naturopath or a teacher. Whatever saves my day, my people, my skin, myself, my truth. I have no skin, no self, no people, no truth.

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