Six Jams!

1. 351531: six jams on

2. The first couple of jams were hacked. As soon as total number of participants reaches near hundred servers tend to crash. Might be lack of data and premature conclusion.

3. Reasoning type question: only one.

4. Fill in the blanks are most difficult because they need reading of entire questions, then choosing options and clicking, all within the ten seconds time.

5. Easiest are synonymous and definition type questions especially in the quizzes where word roots based questions are asked as they depend only on long term memory and solving them doesn’t even need reading entire questions.

6. I played enough of WFP Free Rice to compensate for yesterday.

Samaya: The Great Time

7. I washed enough number of utensils to compensate for yesterday.

8. I bowled only ninety two balls because it took time to enter inside stadium. Some biker shouted: “stadium has been closed.” I jumped over the door with a group of kids who said it was akin to an army drill for them. I have jumped over three doors so far: three more remaining.

9. Three hundred rupees by Shailendra: they were received after talking to about eight people : after making at least seven phone calls: after going to a stranger’s house thrice. After convincing them that I was in the dire need.

10 An objection remains: Shailendra didn’t talk. After receiving the money: Aakash said: since he quit your coaching five days before the monthly session was completed: he deserves to pay only for twenty five days. The way events happened from my viewpoint make it clear: they were not upto English Vocabulary and Grammar alone. They were supposed to learn all subjects. The manner in which Shailendra disappeared was not honorable or compensation for my services. In case of most of them I was being sacrificed and if I didn’t appear on a day or two: they didn’t actually fulfill their part by keeping notebook on vocabulary. They didn’t learn words. If you want to learn English or other subjects for a month: you need to attend classes for a month. Better pay in advance so that your teacher has enough life force to teach you : instead of mocking him or her not being upto your ethical or any other standards. If Shailendra still feels I did him wrong: I am willing to teach him for five days without charging anything. I will give him water of life to drink and I will give him words to memorize and their association. Only Shailendra not other smartypants.

11. Now that I have money to support myself for next nine days at max: I need to get another hundred rupees from Suyash : which he might be able to pay by the eighteenth as promised. Rest of the payments will be made by the first of November by the students of new batch. It will be clear by twentieth if the new batch is going to start or not. In any case: I still am living below poverty line for some strange reason. The barber has got a ration card. I have no subsidy. No quota. No protection. I have poisonous people around me who want to suck life force out of me because they can’t control me for long.

12. I went to academy. Somehow Jai called me after a while to help him practice. He doesn’t know that I narrated an event about him. If you remove the possibility of some kind of conspiracy: only two possible reasons exist: first: I was familiar and free: he felt comfortable with me. That removes my understanding of his being in a league which is beyond my access: off course I cannot afford a kit for next two years at the rate I am earning money. The second: his gift or being Indigo: that remains the only possible explanation : his tanned face and the manner he played were enough to tell me that he had been working hard like his coach and if they had perfection like mine: they would have first removed the Sun and then started to practice. Which ensures either an award in method acting for the whole group or my delusions being removed. In any case: I couldn’t have done anything else. The treatment in the dressing room. The Swati versus Saafi: then some young boys asking why I chose stadium over academy. The only pattern has been : my resolutions being broken by some parties or other. For balance or imbalance: however you might like to interpret it: To Vallalar.

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