1. I am relaxing after a nice meal. It’s going to be another class soon. The last class was fun and the theatre guys are shifting to auditorium which means I need to sweep the library, though they left couple of packets of incense sticks after I complained about their rapid using up of mine. … More NEWS

An Appeal!

1. It’s an appeal to myself. 2. When I become able to relate or understand the nature of this problem. 3. I should come back to read it here or in the causal body. Or via Akashic records and resolve it for all who have it. 4. Why do I need to switch between … More An Appeal!

Death is dead!

1. It’s a strange place I have reached. Whereas the most abstruse of spiritual and political topics seem like back of my left hand: my everyday life is a life of dire poverty. My net worth is three hundred and twenty rupees and I am waiting to receive my due fees from three parties. 2. … More Death is dead!