1. 11533: my rankings on jam despite only few people being present. Sudip C might be the one from Hall of Fame. I should check the status in the hall now. 2. I was tired but kept reading. Utensils have piled. I need to wash at least fifteen of them by tomorrow. The pull-ups were … More Dictums

Morning Running!

1. 30 balls. 2. Class in morning was an assignment where I did very well. 3. The burst of tyre of tractor. 4. Discussion about miscellaneous topics in library. 5. Kapil defines life and death in the third canto of Bhagvata thusly: When the causal body is not working in sync with the gross body: … More Morning Running!

Death is dead!

1. It’s a strange place I have reached. Whereas the most abstruse of spiritual and political topics seem like back of my left hand: my everyday life is a life of dire poverty. My net worth is three hundred and twenty rupees and I am waiting to receive my due fees from three parties. 2. … More Death is dead!

The Palace!

Demur murmur murex codex The Emperor’s palace stands upon the crest of a mountain Index incert dexterity. If I had to live in that palace I would never learn the way about. The crystal structure of the word of mouth is watering hole in the last few days. If I knew the way about it … More The Palace!

What do you do?

The doctors would put needless needles into your stomach if you keep playing with its teeth: I said to Tara who was blithe with a blue ball cuddling a puppy . Battery of phone was dying as I was taking some pictures of clouds scattered around me . They were planting trees after having planted … More What do you do?

Enter The Dragon!

1. Sun, Moon and its North node conjoined in the fourth quarter of Orion–Mrigshira to make this occultation possible. Six retrograde planets along with Naaga Karana, Ganda Yoga and international Yoga Day. Ganda means garland. 2. World Music Day. Father’s day. I don’t know how many times mother’s and father’s day is celebrated every year. … More Enter The Dragon!

Morning News Wednesday@₹₹@

Here’s a song for you… Thodi Thodi Piya Karo by Pankaj Udhashttps://open.spotify.com/track/6Fl2AtjiFwJKU17GKyZfru?si=Av6cUuyMQYKLzSxlqtGn_Q Question 1. What is patriotism? Answer 1. Patriotism is willing to die for foolish reasons. Source: bertrand Russell Hi we are back at patriotism. Elections are approaching and Corona alone might not be enough. My nani that is my maternal grandmother abused China … More Morning News Wednesday@₹₹@


1. Good News: Japan and New Zealand have conquered Corona. They are however reluctant to share the formula with the rest. 2. Aaj Tak showed 92 news bytes in its super fast 100 at morning 7:00. 3. The number of people dead due to Corona was reported to be 170 yesterday and today. What are … More Newsfeed

Operation Enduring Boredom Ad Nauseum Ad Infinitum Adversion Animadversion!!!!!!!!

1. I am planning on returning to Blogger. Or blogging simultaneously on blogger and WordPress. 2. Deathly hallows has USA on top. You can’t say that less number of people died here in India because of lack of testing. Testing is only identification and mortality in case of Vivid virus is related to immunity. 3. … More Operation Enduring Boredom Ad Nauseum Ad Infinitum Adversion Animadversion!!!!!!!!


I talked to the water. It’s quiet. The birds are singing and humming. If only I had discovered this freedom before. Carrying the current in my pockets with wisdom of the yore. The kittens in the kitchen. And the statue in the pond. It’s as normal as it gets. Nothing extraordinary. The burning bush was … More Identity

Red Zone jonesing singularity ritzy zygote verboten Rotterdam Netherlands damson !

1. As soon as the count of cases reaches to 10, the area would become a red zone. One less. All business was needed stadium is as close as ever. 2. Having spent 1000 rupees at Dr. Dileep Tripathi clinic just a few days ago my mother is again feverish. 3. Younger sibling has vomitted … More Red Zone jonesing singularity ritzy zygote verboten Rotterdam Netherlands damson !

Ottoman Empire.

Otorhinolaryngology, John logging bearded deadline, Ohr mho hour horus rustic Tic tac toe oeillade lad ladle, Addlepated addler lupine pinewood, Woody Allen Ginsberg rinsed, Lentil lense incense burner, Nerdy denmarksman shipwrecked, Dirty harry, Don’t tarry, To parry a blow, Or a lowlife dide, Alidade Aubade forbade Brocade, Call Eastwood, The Wood. Inspired by: Dr. Harshavardhan, … More Ottoman Empire.