Enter The Dragon!

1. Sun, Moon and its North node conjoined in the fourth quarter of Orion–Mrigshira to make this occultation possible. Six retrograde planets along with Naaga Karana, Ganda Yoga and international Yoga Day. Ganda means garland.

2. World Music Day. Father’s day. I don’t know how many times mother’s and father’s day is celebrated every year.

3. It’s quiet here. I had a conversation with a retired teacher in his seventies.

4. Birds are chirping around me. Vehicles passing nearby. Sun is playing hide and seek in the clouds.

5. I need to take a class after a while. The stadium was closed again. The local admins seem to be acting on whim. Extraordinary times. Prime Minister Modi didn’t even utter a single word criticizing the violence in the JNU campus earlier this year. How can he use ideals of Gandhi while talking about “cleanliness is godliness?”

6. The owner of the mobile company running this country from behind the screens openly tweeted against a celebrity. Was it genuine? I don’t know. But he could have told his employee silently about firing him. Why use rhetoric and create ado?

7. I am not popular. That’s the only reason I am able to write for now. I was beaten by the police on April 11 for seemingly nonsense reasons.

8. Stadium might be open or close. Nobody would talk about Euthanasia. Draconian rule was the “golden age promised in the twenty first century.”

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