Ode diode Tohu Minus two.

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Big Time Spider!

The liberal Moon and Neptunian mist of the word. I kept asking questions for which she had no answers. She was not consistent in her responses. Nor logical. It was her presence. Her beautiful mind and body of bliss which seemed to be always one with his being. The place he considered home. A mile … More Big Time Spider!


She held a shell to her ear. Near the ocean. A conch shell. And it was really quiet after a long time. The voices had died. Enemies: internal and external were gone. All lizards were asleep for the first time in a long time. She was looking at herself: her beautiful body which was adored … More Clothes

Enter The Dragon!

1. Sun, Moon and its North node conjoined in the fourth quarter of Orion–Mrigshira to make this occultation possible. Six retrograde planets along with Naaga Karana, Ganda Yoga and international Yoga Day. Ganda means garland. 2. World Music Day. Father’s day. I don’t know how many times mother’s and father’s day is celebrated every year. … More Enter The Dragon!

Morning News Wednesday@₹₹@

Here’s a song for you… Thodi Thodi Piya Karo by Pankaj Udhashttps://open.spotify.com/track/6Fl2AtjiFwJKU17GKyZfru?si=Av6cUuyMQYKLzSxlqtGn_Q Question 1. What is patriotism? Answer 1. Patriotism is willing to die for foolish reasons. Source: bertrand Russell Hi we are back at patriotism. Elections are approaching and Corona alone might not be enough. My nani that is my maternal grandmother abused China … More Morning News Wednesday@₹₹@


Some birds are chirping. Some vehicles are passing by. Some human beings around me. And I am still figuring out some things.. It was the birthday of one of the ex colleagues. During the induction program he was my Chris child. He was from Bengal. I went to a restaurant with him and tasted some … More Birthdays

The Date 🌲 Tree

This is me reporting. It is 8:31 a.m. inside the premises of Gandhi Smarak Bhawan. I just observed a hummingbird on the branch of a mango tree. I can hear the birds chirping nearby. Their twittering is soothing in what is otherwise a hot humid and harrassing climate. It has been suffocating in thelast few … More The Date 🌲 Tree

The Complex City is artificial intelligence

The human problems are of mannequin but the most important problem is that of death change aging separation meaning purpose identity and fulfillment of Desire all the thinkers consider the death and the aging along with the Hunger and want to be the biggest Enemies of the human happiness the peace and lasting happiness comes … More The Complex City is artificial intelligence