Syzgy Plus Plus Solstice!

1. After the class, as I went outside with my student to show him the bunch of bricks which he had failed to observe before as he entered into the house; we remarked on how pleasant the weather was. Before he could correct himself: he said “there are no clouds and yet it seems as if the light is dim, maybe a Sun over the Sun. It was actually the Moon, as he made the requisite correction. It’s pleasant.” Then we observed the Cricket pitch to discuss about the work we needed to do before we could play.

2. The local newspaper is full of advertisements. Irony: the head of the institute from where I am pursuing D.Ed. has given tribute to his father. Another tribute comes from the person he was fighting a case against in the court of law. A news report some months ago published about the fiasco for many months. Now it’s for money. I am up for a fake diploma in education. My father pressurized me when I was volunteering in my mother’s school to get this degree. Don’t even start about the Vyapam fiasco. I used to think a mystery thriller would be made on that. Maybe later, maybe not. Maybee beeswax cauliflower mayflower.

3. Ex. Chief minister’s son takes the whole front page. Yesterday it was the son of the president of the opposition. If you read ads carefully, they teach you a lot. And there’s a guarantee : you will never be bored.

4. A. R. Rehman, Gulzar and Jaaved Akhtar are fighting another war against lack of credit. First two won Oscar award and the other one sells Ortho. Here’s my favourite:

Muskaane Jhooti hain!

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