1. DLOG is short for dialogue and the acronym for Dancing light of Grace.

2. Imagine as a verb was never used in my studies as it was found today in the IBM: ad version. In Spotify it gives poor people about thirty minutes of aid. Maid. Animadversion would do anima. Amina will treat amino acids.

3. Imagine means real or seen in a new light or way in that: just to clarify.

4. Rick Rosner said he couldn’t be enough obnoxious. No matter how hard he tried.

I have to get back to full swing panache panacea panatela telamon gnomon gnomic phillipic phillibeg hillbilly idyllic.

It suits you in winter: triangle is visible but what the heck Abracadabra Abraham cadet deterrant Nebraska Nevada absinthe atheling Mingas gastric bypass surgery abysmal dismal marmalade.

I love publishing this and reading it back:


It’s easier than it seems. I began doping this as an exercise when I was looking for lengthy words. I might have published some of the longest words ever but they are undeerevognized. My smartphone keypad doesn’t do C…it instead does V . So long…

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