Either Begging or This!

1.I had a walk inside the stadium. It was after the yoga inside Gandhi Smarak Bhavan. It was open for walk after a long time. Some people were playing cricket inside. I think they were policewale.

2. I observed a bunch of bricks outside my house. They’re planning on construction upstairs. It clearly means noise. Then maybe tenants. Why not. They have money to pay for the bricks but if I ask-mummy would land in Egypt, Cairo. She would say – it’s borrowed. If I wait to recount the number of times they have gone back on their words in the last 8 years or even in the last 8 months- it will be an altercation. What can I do. If I really try to leave…They will use their contacts and police to ensure that much ado is created about nothing. Hence I choose to keep mum and vent here. If my siblings had not made false promises 6 months ago. If my father wasn’t an inveterate liar. If that cat hadn’t made this phone fall; resulting in cracking of an already cracked screen and spoiling of the keypad…. would I have been less wiser?

3. I had a walk to the lake. I observed clouds. Bats and chatted with you. I enjoyed listening to bats who were flying and banging upside down on Ashvath tree. I took some pictures.


5. I got to port the SIM card to idea. I walked back listening to music and saving myself from traffic. I filled the bike tank with petrol worth fifty rupees. I need it every four days or maybe six. It’s costly for someone who earns as little as I do with no previous savings left in hand( my greedy parents and siblings.) I would have bought a bicycle if I could afford. That about sums my day today. Another Saturday. Tomorrow is another occultation. Syzgy. Equinox. Solstice.

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