Non Fiction!

1. Are these extraordinary times? I ask myself. I can support the positive or the negative responses to this question as easily as I want to. What do I want–is the next question I ask myself and how is it related to my needs is the third. 2. USA which mostly follows Christianity has 15 … More Non Fiction!

Enter The Dragon!

1. Sun, Moon and its North node conjoined in the fourth quarter of Orion–Mrigshira to make this occultation possible. Six retrograde planets along with Naaga Karana, Ganda Yoga and international Yoga Day. Ganda means garland. 2. World Music Day. Father’s day. I don’t know how many times mother’s and father’s day is celebrated every year. … More Enter The Dragon!


1. This is what retirement feels like. I returned home in 2012 but had to wait 8 more years for the taste of it. I can attest: nobody else can: I am more retired than my granny or my Neighbors and fortunately I had to work only three years to retire with this handsome fortune. … More Reading

19 Words!

Mango mangoose hoosegaw, Chigoe chigur goes gurguru Market marka marka t Kit kat kittiwake Keratosis Kira kenopy Pyre quadmire iridescent entomologist.

Dogs and Clouds!

1. The waning Moon is the object of the barking dog. Wind is soothing and I wonder if I should call it breeze. As I walk it sussurates into my right ear. 2. The block system of WordPress app indicates that they consider the work to be an architectural design. 3. The Anuradha Moon has … More Dogs and Clouds!