Non Fiction!

1. Are these extraordinary times? I ask myself. I can support the positive or the negative responses to this question as easily as I want to. What do I want–is the next question I ask myself and how is it related to my needs is the third.

2. USA which mostly follows Christianity has 15 times more weapons than the country which is its biggest rival. Christianity, Jainism and Buddhism are based on the foundation of self sacrifice and tolerance. You don’t find religions having a upper hand in dictating human life. Ideally it should have been so but the coded law– religious or otherwise and its interpretation is not always in keeping with the logos.

3. Nepal has sealed its borders with India. Tensions between India and its neighbours are increasing. Where are the pacifists? What happened to Gandhi, Buddha, Mahavira and Christ?

4. I was reading “The Naval Treaty;” a story by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. He uses an expression for Sherlock Holmes: that his face used to look like a red Indian when he was meditating. I elaborated the point for my student. Sophistication. Why some tribes in the Andmaan island region of India haven’t allowed aliens inside their territory. Physiognomy. Etcetera.

5. There is no talk about Euthanasia. India and USA are two of the biggest democratic countries and they spend major portions of their annual budgets on national security. What happened to the dream of golden civilization shown to us by religions. They are gone after having tried to fulfill their dreams. I never thought I would see so many unforeseen events in the last two years: especially when I was waiting to leave the world.

6. The weather has been pleasant and it would be good to return to reading the constitution of India. My work in library is advancing at a snail”s pace. That double quote mark after the word snail should have been a single mark: this keypad inhibits me and slows me down.

7. I am sure: this is the best of my stations. I still don’t know how to leave this body. I am content. I am responsible for the decisions I took.

8. Sun is in the sign Gemini. Rahu still holds the office as Jaiminee Atmakaraka. Venus has regained its directional movement in the sign of Taurus.

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