He was a studious man. He had nectar in his ears. He was going to to ask for the power to continuously work on his project for six months without sleep.

He wanted relaxing sleep to be nearly one day long. He had worked hard to to gain merit which granted him the requisite perfection.

Please send the application to Lord Brahma– the department of merits wrote back in response to his inquiries.

As soon as the Gods came to know of this they hired Saraswati to delude this Chap to write 6 in place of 1 and 1 in place of 6. This slight mistake not only reversed the effect he was seeking but also changed his destiny. It ensured his fall and ultimate death and it also ensured gods won. When he reached Lord Brahma after his death he asked him why he allowed this to happen. To which lord Brahma replied that those angels who deceived him will be subject to similar effects in the cycles to come that in the next cycles he would be immune to sleep. He didn’t think that the compensation was any explanation to what was asked but there was no other way.

Bramha didn’t have answers he was seeking. He will be born with the same powers right from birth and he will be able to accomplish what he couldn’t. With the assurance the Asura kept drinking the sura, the divine Madeira wine in the classes of nine. Kumbhakarna enjoyed watching the fight between Angels and Demons and when the time was ripe was born again to fulfill his dreams. The Gods found out what had happened and they decided to test predictions.

Kumbhkarana who was the enemy of words became the very word of God. Served the cause and merged in the cause. The story continued that he was the Word, and the Word was serving Him. He became the teacher of gods. And as he was narrating this story to his pupils they were all listening with wonder. Then the Almighty God approached the teacher of gods and asked him to tell the student what the most powerful divine weapon was made of.

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