The Runaway

Existence must be living and breathing. He was not an old man, but he felt tired all the time. It’s as if he was carrying the load of laundry of the whole world on his dropping shoulders and curved back. As should shoulders be able to help you with the support- so should be the … More The Runaway


I wonder. Who can live in such a wonderful place as this? I know now. It is a fairyland. I understand you will a fair fairy tale -my life. No, my dear, I do not need any help from fairies. I am sure: the first one is the name. No, my dear, it is a … More Full.

The Doors

The Katha Upanishad tells a symbolic tale of two birds: they both live on the same tree. One of them is free from pleasure and pain. It’s the one who doesn’t eat any fruits. It’s the witness. The watcher in the tale is not the doppleganger of the one you talk about because your watcher … More The Doors

One will be done!

It’s neither one nor zero because they are void and being. Relative. Transcendent. A solace as splash of colour was handed over to me. A fragment of incense sticks makes sense. I knew that the lamp was not my own self. Volition was something which kept me engaged for a while; unlike the previous web … More One will be done!

I am sure

The man was a drunkard and a gambler. I used to be his neighbour and I was wondering if I was his friend. I was the man’s only friend for he had no wife, no one to love, and no one to care for. I will tell you: sometimes we undo by doing and sometimes … More I am sure


Trepang is sea cucumber. Beeswax esophageal squamous epithelium. Unlisted umlauts. Diploid, a diploid cell is a cell that contains two of each of the four chromosomes. Somania insomnia Mania megalomaniac acknowledged Jedi in Romania count Dracula count Run Lola Run with a Messy bun. Мария Борисовна Прокопьева (Mari You do speak Russian don’t you why … More Pointless

What do you do?

The doctors would put needless needles into your stomach if you keep playing with its teeth: I said to Tara who was blithe with a blue ball cuddling a puppy . Battery of phone was dying as I was taking some pictures of clouds scattered around me . They were planting trees after having planted … More What do you do?


He was born with a lifetime of curse. His net-worth is forty two rupees only. And it’s after the honest work for a month and half. His savings account was snatched by hypocritical hoarders. Addicted to tobacco, liquor, marijuana and pussy : they were all parasites. And his life, ninety days to live. There was … More Net-worth!