You are supposed to have one!

OK (Read the entire story)
Four children and their mother were walking along the highway one day. I was supposed to know that we were going to celebrate April Fools day. I have never been so glad that I wasn’t going to be there. The garbage. The hole. The way. The tandoori restaurant. The random access memory versus Read only memory. Why… why would you be born in this age of Kali: because you were less fortunate to have access to land or natural resources. You will be stuck with technology changing rapidly and the government will have tethered you as soon as you will be born. How classical: inland Empire, 1984 and Matrix all rolled into one. The advantage of the AI is, it is willing to implement change.

Issac Asimov was turning in his grave. It’s not what I was expecting you to be. I am sure you are interested. I am sure . But this is not the way. You have not said anything remotely strange so far.

I recall Richard Linklater: Waking Life a masterpiece which was available for free on YouTube and elsewhere: it gives a feeling like Inception by Nolan albeit latter has no emphasis on dialogue. Nonlinear natation saltation occultation. Auditory processing and visual hallucinations. I have been to many markets and there is anything but commonly used lingo in them. It takes you at least four years to get adjusted to a human beings . I am a Vulcan. Have you ever come across a vampire. Can you be kind enough to make sure you die without harming others.

I have a headache.

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