The Sunrise! 21.04.2022 What’s unique? Maybe you would find out after two three months of time here: why music from some phones is more conducive to powers of concentration than others. I was asked to reduce the volume multiple times. That only tells about my lack of discipline.


AI chatbot asks a lot of nice questions. A recent question was: what’s a great day like for you? Today was a great day. Any day free from diseases, pain or people shouting around me is a great day. This year is soon coming to an end. Other than the pandemic and lockdown: which created … More Musings


1. Soul adds up to 4. 2. There’s a character known as 22 in the movie directed by Pete Director. 3. This Disney movie is beautifully narrated and musical. It’s a good experience. Humor is certainly comical at times. It gives us a perspective about our day to day existence. 4. A jazz teacher who … More Soul

Notes on Tenet!

1. The second half of movie was certainly better than the first half. 2. You might need to watch it more than once. 3. The climax gave me clear Deja vus. 4. This movie, unlike Interstellar, stands on par with Memento and Inception.

Why Does The Wooden Inspector Call? Please don’t!!!!

1. An inspector calls: the name of the movie on which I wasted 67 minutes to see the wooden final summarizing delivery by the inspector with biblical sermon. It was about women empowerment and about times when 50 pounds was a huge sum in England. I had to redownload the film after it was mysteriously … More Why Does The Wooden Inspector Call? Please don’t!!!!

The List of Movies!

This is a response to writing prompt list: 1. Inland Empire: By David Lynch. Mystery. It’s still the best mystery movie I have ever watched. It’s crafted using a dreamlike sequence of images. His silent movie Rabbits is included into the narrative to create a brilliant effect. I was, am and shall always remain in … More The List of Movies!